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Summer Camp Schedule

Summer Camp Schedule

BotClub’s Summer Camp schedule is now available. RG Kids (Rube Goldberg) and DWP Seed (Designed with Purpose – planting a seed) camps are design experiences meant to stretch creativity and critical thinking. You can read more detail at the BotClub Summer Camp page. There are also a lot of summer camp options offered by our host, Mentors & Makers. Take a close look, they have dozens of offerings.

Summer break is highly anticipated by so many of us…even those of us who don’t actually get a “break” anymore. Like Pavlov’s best friends, we literally salivate over the opportunities that the outdoor realms have to offer.  But, it is not just the outdoors. Indoors, there will be much more activity around our homes and many industries spring to life. We love summer, don’t we? Well, the ideal anyway.

The reality is that different family members don’t have equal opportunity to indulge. For most of us, our desk chains remain in tact from one season to the next. As people, we want our kids to fully bask in summer freedom…partly, so we can live vicariously through them. However, as responsible parents, we want more for them. We recognize that we were not designed to sit around and do nothing. We thrive in discovery, growth, and challenge. Practically speaking, we also know the academic toll that will be paid after three undisciplined months. Not to mention the irritating “I’m bored” train that is about to leave the station. So, for a variety of reasons we turn to Summer Camps… and there are a lot of them to choose from.

The Hard-to-find STEM Camp to Teens

It only takes a few Google searches to realize just how rare Teen camps are. The reality is that, the this age, many parents have given up the fight to make summer break educational. The easy road is just letting older kids hang out at home. The number of camps being offered reflects the commercially interested population and that leaves the committed few with limited options. Brazos Robotics camps are the perfect educational experiences for your teen and tween. By this age, kids want a lot more independence. They want significant challenges. They need to exercise real decision making. Engineering Design offers exactly what they want. The trick is keeping it fun. Couple that with mentors to whom the kids can relate, and you have an experience that not only educates…it impacts.

Not All Summer Camps are the Same

Yeah, you know this already. Sure, the quality of delivery differs from one provider to the next and the costs range all over the place. But, there’s more to it than that. The more significant differences are in the fundamental motives of the camp. What is the purpose? What are the objectives that form the foundation of the camp experience? Is the camp designed to simply occupy children’s time? Is the primary aim to entertain them? Might we even dare to educate and inspire them? Can you imagine a camp that is truly entertaining, challenges the students academically, and inspires them forward? Sure, you can. But, can you imagine such camps that don’t cost an arm and a leg?

That’s the kind of Summer Camp that Brazos Robotics aims to provide. Kids really do want to learn and create! If you ask them, they might deny it. But, only because all the fun has been driven out of the learning process by our rigid educational system. When we say “learn,” they hear “boring deskwork.” The truth remains that we are designed to be driven, not by external rewards. But, by intrinsic motivations, internal rewards (check out Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us) Kids want to accomplish big things. They want to be challenged…But, only as long as they can succeed.

BotClub summer camps are fun design/problem-solving experiences, not that sterile prepackaged stuff. You won’t see any of the kit-in-a-box activities here. We solve fun design challenges using raw materials and unfettered imagination. You also won’t see any small minded things. We use open-ended big-scale challenges to really don’t fit “in the box.” In fact, we completely destroy the box (so we can use the cardboard to make creations, of course). We recognize that not every kid is wired with a STEM disposition. And, we don’t want them to be. No, these camps are much more than that. Sure, we’ll use a lot of engineering to reach our goal. But, it’s the creative experience that will really inspire them.

Give us a shot at entertaining your kids this summer…we’ll make sure to educate them a little at the same time. If we’re lucky, we’ll wind up truly inspiring them along the way.

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