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The launching pad for all of Brazos Robotics mentor based programs

Get Involved

…various initiatives and roles give you many opportunities to choose from.



We are always seeking qualified technical mentors for the various initiatives. Mentors must pass a background check and interview screening process.  You need not be “robotics” expert. Though some mentoring roles will require some technical background, not all do. For positions that require technical expertise, we are willing to train well motivated persons to fill in the gaps of their technical knowledge. Examples of mentoring roles in our various initiatives:

  • Non-technical mentors and technical mentors help teams in the STEP Robotics competition year round. Non-technical mentors guide students in marketing, planning and delivering an oral presentation, team organization, and documenting their efforts in a design journal. Technical mentors walk the team through the design and construction of an original competitive robot.
  • BotClub technical mentors meet with small groups year round working on fun robotics/programming/electronics projects in a casual non-competition environment. Their projects are part of an evolving technology exhibit at the local Children’s Museum.
  • Experienced researchers in EST Foundation’s pre-collegiate scholars program, work with pre-collegiate authors, advising them on experiment design/execution, documentation, and the publication process. When completed their articles are published in the online Journal of Educational Robotics.
  • BotClub Summer Camps provides a focused opportunity for technical mentors to invested time with students. The mentors and students work together to create a completely original solution to design challenge. This venue emphasizes fun and results in an elaborate Rube Goldberg contraption.

Program Volunteers and Sponsors

There are many short-term roles that must be filled in order to administer the various initiatives. Roles that may fit your short term availability include graphic design, webpage management, event coordination, facilities coordination, equipment inventory and maintenance, and participant recruiting. Contact us for more information.

Program Coordinators

If you can commit to a more regular time investment over a longer period of time, there may be a place for you. We invite well motivated independent persons to join us in expanding and improving our initiatives.


Businesses and Individuals that support us financially are integral members of our team. Our sponsors aim to secure and bolster our community by investing in our future engineering, science, and technology leaders. We have sponsorship levels ranging from $250 to $5000.