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Dizzy Blog initiative

Dizzy Blog initiative

Learning by doing is a powerful educational tool. But, facing a significant challenge in a completely unfamiliar arena can be daunting. It helps to have an experienced guide walk along side you.

Dizzy is the STEP┬ámascot. Dizzy has seen a LOT of robot design challenges over the years. Let Dizzy’s experience be your guide as you tackle your team engineering challenge. No two engineering journeys will be exactly the same. But, by following Dizzy’s steps you’ll be able to circumnavigate common pitfalls and could significantly increase your likelihood of success.

Dizzy’s 6-week design journal may hold the key to get you through to the next phase of your design challenge.
If you are brand new to the educational robotics scene, then Dizzy’s Blog has a series for you as well.

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