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ArcAttack at STEP Kickoff Event

ArcAttack at STEP Kickoff Event

Science meets Performing Art! ArcAttack is the epitome of Awesome. They’ll be helping us kickoff our STEP Robotics season. You’ll definitely want to Save the Date.

Oct 3rd at Rudder Theater
(Contact Mentors & Makers for Tickets)

Electricity is integral to modern civilization. Most of the time we work hard to keep it hidden safely behind the curtain. ArcAttack brings it to center stage. Electrons never looked and sounded more alive. 500,000 VOLTS!!! Certainly the worlds “most dangerous rock band.” And, they are all yours for an evening. The rest of the world is content to see the pretty lights and have the hair on the back of their neck stand on end. Brazos Robotics students want more. And, you’re going to get it. maxresdefault-1

This amazing show will be followed by a pull-back-the-curtain Q&A and talkback session. The creators answering your questions regarding the science behind the show.

  • Come learn more about Brazos Robotics.
  • Come witness a performance and science spectacle.
  • Come launch your team into the inaugural STEP Robotics season.

Tickets available at school participating in STEP robotics competition and from Mentors and Makers.
Follow us on Facebook to find more ways to get limited tickets to this very rare opportunity.